Paul Hellard

Paul Hellard

Journalist, editor, media eater.

Paul Hellard is a freelance journalist and former editor at He covers stories in all areas of media, news, science and events.

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Screen shot 2017 08 05 at 4.32.17 pm article
3D World Magazine

Chaos Group Hybrid renderer

Announced Chaos Group's new Hybrid renderer in 3DWorld during SIGGRAPH 2017. Very cool!

Screen shot 2017 08 05 at 4.36.48 pm article

Chaos Group Hybrid renderer

Wrote similar piece for 3DArtist magazine, announcing Chaos Group's new Hybrid renderer. Highlighting work from Dabarti Studio in Poland.

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MPC's visual feast for Ghost in the Shell | fxphd

MPC's visual feast for Ghost in the Shell | fxphd

Gnomon07 article

Gnomon Live: Weekend in Melbourne

Gnomon Live: Weekend in Melbourne 2017

Soyl d047 13332 c2r2 article

ARRIVAL: anti-gravity and aliens | fxphd

ARRIVAL: anti-gravity and aliens | fxphd

Kollected titanic final759 article
Computer Graphics World

An Eye for Beauty

Paul Hellard Kollects for CGWorld

Dragons hero article

CGSociety - VFX Game of Thrones

Paul Hellard interviews the dragon modeler on Game of Thrones.

Screen shot 2017 05 29 at 4.12.44 pm article

Paul Hellard | LinkedIn

Paul Hellard profile updates on LinkedIn.

Hero mazerunner article


Paul Hellard catches up with Wes Ball and Method Studio on THE MAZE RUNNER

Screen shot 2014 09 02 at 17.03.01 article

Winter Soldier

Scanline VFX talks about creating Winter Soldier for Marvel.

E 007 ll 0090 comp v026 pr 1106 article

Hercules interview for 3DTotal with Double Negative

Hercules VFX: Paul Hellard interviews Double Negative.

Giver breakapart still 001b article

// The Giver: Method Studios Interview

Paul Hellard speaks to Mark Breakspear at Method Studios about The Giver VFX.

Screen shot 2014 09 02 at 17.00.57 article

Maleficent, Chaos for SIGGRAPH

Paul Hellard explores the use of V-Ray at Digital Domain in this special SIGGRAPH magazine cover article.

Lenovo2 article

FIN-Design | V-Ray Stories

Sydney design studio working with V-Ray.

Aynik d020 3824 article

CGSociety - Edge of Tomorrow

SPI, Framestore, Cinesite and The Third Floor get into a loop about 'Edge of Tomorrow' with Paul Hellard